At Love Music we believe learning an instrument is an important part of every child’s education. However, when we visited a local low-decile school recently we discovered that not a single child was learning guitar. Not because of a lack of desire or talent but because the expense was unrealistic for the school and families.

We knew something had to be done.

We aim to give free guitar lessons to at least 8 children in 2018. We’ve twisted some arms and called in favours to get them as cheaply as possible but we still need $500 to buy the school 8 guitars for the lessons and practice.


How did we choose which school to start this scheme with? 
We didn't as much 'chose a school' as we saw a need and decided to try and do something about it. Since starting down this track we have allowed our imagination to run and dependant on the success of this fundraising effort may look to extend it.

Why guitar and not some other instrument?
There are a few reasons. Guitar was the specific 'need' that came up in conversation with the school's principal. It's relatively low cost so we can get a bigger 'bang for buck'. It's an instrument I (David) have experience teaching so we didn't need to organise a teacher to teach it for free - since we decided to do this we've had another local teacher come on board offering an hour a week of their time. If this scheme ends up extending to other instruments we'd look to fundraise for these instruments and hope to get specialist teachers in these areas to also 'give' their time. 

I've got an old guitar I don't use at home anymore; do you want that?
Let us know if this is you. We may not take you up on this straight away as our hope is to raise enough for 8 identical new guitars. Why? The guitars we've chosen are designed for beginners of this age group. Getting new guitars means we know these guitars are perfect for the students and from a maintenance point of view are completely up to scratch. If we struggle to get enough for 8 guitars, thank you, we may take you up on that offer!

How much will the guitars cost?
We're aiming to get these for $65 each - which will take some good will on the behalf of our suppliers, but from initial talks this should be possible. They're good quality instruments that normally retail for much more than that. We (obviously) won't make any profit on these guitars and we'll be doing everything we can to keep the cost as low as possible. 8 x $65 = $520 so that's our target this year. 

Why isn't Love Music just funding this themselves?
There are a few reasons for this also. To be frank, we're a new, small, family owned business and can't make as big an impact financially by ourselves as we could with your help! Secondly, this is about raising awareness. Everyone we've mentioned this to has been moved to act similar to us. And finally, we hope this will be the start of something greater that our 'Love Music' community can buy into over time. However, don't worry, we will be giving to this fundraiser. 

Which school is it that will be receiving the instruments and lessons?
We've decided not to publicize it to stop any ill feelings. Feel free to pop in and we can talk about who it is and why we're supporting them in more details.

Needless to say, the principal, teachers and extended staff at this school are amazing, selfless educators who already give above and beyond to ensure core subjects are taught expertly, and a wide range of opportunities are given to the children. Similarly, the kids are awesome, respectful, inquisitive kids. And finally, we believe the parents do everything they can to support these kids and ensure their needs are met. Literacy and numeracy, food on the table and a warm house beat music lessons, and that's ok.  
Why is music important for a child's education? 
So much research has been done into this. Obvious things like building confidence to learning to work together with others. Also, the way learning music encourages different parts of your brain to work together like nothing else. Check out this link to see the very real way music has impacted children's education. 

How can I give to this online?
To save on costs so the maximum can go towards instruments we unfortunately can't set up payment online. If you want to donate to this and can't make it into the shop flick us an email and we'll send you bank account details so you use internet banking. This will also help us to keep track of payments to ensure it goes to the right place!

If you have any other questions please feel free to pop in or flick us an email.