Stagg Studio Mic Pop Screen/Filter



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The idea behind a pop filter is to reduce popping and hissing sounds in recorded singing and speech...popping sounds occur particularly in the pronunciation of plosive letters such as p's and b's.  Popper stoppers are designed to attenuate the energy of plosives, which otherwise might exceed the design input capacity of the microphone, leading to overdriving and clipping.  Another advantage of using a pop shield is a reduction of sibilant/hissing sounds which occur frequently with the pronunciation of fricatives, such as in the phrase "she sells seashells on the seashore". 


This Stagg pop filter is constructed from nylon mesh stretched over a 6.3" circular frame...a design which hasn't changed much since the days of stretching a pair of your mum's tights over a bent coat hanger!  This excellent value pop shield includes a universal mounting bracket and a flexible gooseneck, allowing you to position the Stagg pop shield at the optimum popping stopping distance!


Stagg Studio Mic Pop Screen / Filter Features : 

• Nylon mesh screen reduces vocal popping and sibilance

• Universal mic stand mounting bracket

• Flexible metal gooseneck

• A necessity for studio vocals, radio speech or podcasting

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